Telederm FAQ’s

Is there a specific video platform your practice uses to reach their patients (VSee, Skype, Zoom, etc.)

Our Pocket Patient App

Do they recommend that patients do the video call on a desktop or mobile

Either one can work. The Pocket Patient App is used for the mobile version. If a desktop is used, access must be gained through the Uderm portal on our website.

Where do I get Information about cancelling or rescheduling a virtual appointment?

Patients are encouraged to contact us via phone or intramail (utilizing the Patient Portal), or respond back to the automated reminder text with the request to cancel/reschedule the same way they would cancel or reschedule a normal visit.

Is there a personal or direct URL link to where the patient can access the video platform and log in?

No. This is accessed through Pocket Patient App or Uderm patient portal.

How does the user schedule an appointment? is it the same process as scheduling an in-person visit?

Yes, this can be scheduled the same way a patient schedules an in-person visit.

When the user logs on for their appointment, is there a virtual “waiting room” for the patient to wait before their telehealth call? How does it work when the patient has their appointment and are waiting to speak to their doctor?

A blank screen is shown until the provider virtually enters the visit.

NOTE: Currently, we are limited to providing telehealth appointments to patients whose residence is in the state of TN.