Skin Allergy and Rash Treatment in Chattanooga, TN

What is Allergy Treatment?

Allergies occur when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance. Several allergies may affect you and your quality of life. Effective allergy treatment is based on your medical history, the results of your allergy tests, and your symptoms.

Allergy treatment may consist of the following:

  • Avoiding allergens
  • Taking medications
  • Immunotherapy or steroid shots

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Skin Allergies

Sometimes your body responds to the allergy in the form of a rash. There are several different types of skin allergy reactions that we treat.

One common reaction is raised, itchy bumps on the skin called hives (urticaria). Hives are usually reddish and will turn white in the center when you push on them.

Another reaction is called contact dermatitis, an itchy rash caused by direct contact with a substance or an allergic reaction to it. The rash isn’t contagious, but it can be very uncomfortable and show up within days of exposure.

Eczema is dry, red, irritated, and itchy skin that affects 10 to 20 percent of children and some adults. This can become infected and the skin can ooze and become painful. Eczema can often be tied to allergens.

When to Seek Help

If you suspect you have an allergy, it is important to seek help from your provider at Uderm. After adequate allergy testing, you can get the answers you need to create an effective plan to resolve your symptoms.

When you find out the cause or source of your allergy, we can help develop a personalized treatment plan. If you have developed a rash that does not go away, talk to your doctor right away.

There are several medications that we can help you navigate to help control the allergy.

This includes:

  • Nasal sprays to reduce swelling
  • Antihistamines to help relieve sneezing, itching, runny noses or hives
  • Mast cell stabilizers like eye drops or nose sprays
  • Decongestants to reduce stuffiness
  • Corticosteroid creams or ointments to help relieve itchiness and stop the spread of rashes
  • Oral corticosteroids for more severe allergies
  • Epinephrine shots to help relieve symptoms in the case of a threatening exposure

Be sure to discuss all of your medicines with your doctor at Uderm.

Common Allergies Causing Rashes

Seeing a rash on your skin may cause some alarm, but it can often be due to an allergy. With adequate testing, you can determine the cause of your allergy. This is key in effectively treating your condition.

Some common allergies that may cause a rash include:

  • Plants – poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac
  • Household products – hair dyes, cosmetics, soaps and lotions
  • Fragrances – strong fragrances or chemical smells can cause irritation
  • Jewelry – can cause skin irritation

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If you believe you have an allergy, it is important to seek help from our board-certified dermatologists. Call our dermatology clinic in Chattanooga, TN today at (423) 206-2777.

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