Acne Frequently Asked Questions

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What is considered the best face wash for treating acne?

Over-the-counter washes that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are effective in treating acne.

Does acne go away on its own?

Acne typically does not go away without some form of treatment or lifestyle modification, except neonatal acne.

At what age does acne typically affect people?

Acne affects people of all ages, starting in some people as young as 8 years old and lasting in some adults as late as their 40’s and 50’s.

Which foods can cause more acne? Why?

For some individuals, acne is caused by consuming a high glycemic diet, such as sugary foods and drinks. Cow’s milk has also been linked to an increase in acne flares. These products cause inflammation in the body which leads to an increase in oil production and clogging of the pores.

Does drinking water help clear acne? If so, how much do I need to drink daily?

Drinking water is good for hydrating your skin, but it alone does not clear acne. The best option would be to decrease the number of sugary drinks a person consumes and start an acne treatment.

What factors can trigger an acne breakout?

The cause of acne differs from person to person, but breakouts typically start from clogged pores. Some of the most common factors leading to acne breakouts are hormones, oily skin, stress, diet and genetics.

How can I treat acne at home?

Wash your face morning and night with an acne wash that has either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. You can also use an acne spot treatment and a retinoid cream at night. If you play sports or sweat during the day wash your face immediately after. If unable to wash immediately use a disposable face wipe to clean your skin.

Is acne a sign of poor skin health?

Absolutely not! Having acne does not reflect on a person’s health or personal hygiene.

Which in-office medications are used to treat acne? How fast can it clear my skin of acne?

There are a variety of acne medications such as; retinoids, antibiotics, medicated washes, and hormonal treatments used to treat acne. Treatment options are discussed during an office visit and an individual treatment regimen is tailored to the patient. All acne treatments take time to work and you may not see results for several months.

At what age does the acne begin to go away?

There is no specific age that acne will resolve. Some people will experience teenage acne, which may resolve in their early 20’s, where others can experience adult acne, which can start in their 20’s and last until their 40’s or 50’s. Unfortunately, some individuals deal with acne as a teenager and an adult.

Can adults get bad acne?

Yes, there is adult acne and it can vary in severity from person to person.